Swingers hold family life very important in their lives. Move on for much more interesting data about swinger lifestyle!

According to aswonder.com:

  • Mean age for swingers: 39 years (OCouples)
  • More than 90% of swingers are white, middle-aged and married or in a committed relationship of an average of 10.5 years long.
  • Average age for women to start swinging: 31.4 years (SLS)
  • Average age for men to start swinging: 35.2 years (SLS)
  • More than 90% of swingers are white and middle-aged (OCouples)
  • Nearly 90% of swingers are married or in a committed relationship of an average of 10.5 years long
  • Fewer swinging couples get divorced (as compared to vanilla couples)
  • 80% of swingers were college educated (OCouples)
  • Average education level of swingers: 14.1 years (SLS)
  • Swingers tend to be in white-collar professional or management positions within their professions (OCouples)
  • Most swingers have higher-than-average salaries, fall into the middle- to upper-middle class (OCouples)
  • Distribution of political parties in swingers (this one is debated): Some experts say swingers are equally distributed across parties, while others say that swingers are more often conservative, moderate, and Republican
  • 72.1% are religiously-affiliated (compared with 61% of general US population) (SLS)

For the United States, the psychographics of those in the swinging lifestyle include:

  • 78.5% of swinging couples report being happier and more satisfied with their intimate lives as compared to 64% of “vanilla” couples (SLS)
  • 90.4% of those previously unhappy with their intimate lives reported an uptick in happiness with swinging (SLS)
  • 49% who reported being happy with their intimate lives reported an increase in happiness when swinging was included in the relationships (EJHS)
  • Swingers are more “conventional” in a social sense (EJHS)
  • Swingers are more community-oriented and responsible civic citizens (EJHS)
  • Those who are dissatisfied with intimate relations in their marriages show increased desire to participate in swinger activities (EJHS)
  • Swingers hold family life very important in their lives (EJHS)
  • Swingers highly value the companionship in their marriages (EJHS)
  • Swingers are more open and honest about their sexual lives (PsyToday)
  • More men than women introduced the idea of swinging into their relationships (PsyToday)
  • More than 2/3 of respondents reported reaching orgasm during swinging activities, with less than 10% reporting they never reached orgasm (PsyToday)
  • A large majority of swinging women considered themselves “bisexual”, and this is widely accepted within the lifestyle, while only some of the men identified with that orientation, which is discouraged in the lifestyle  (PsyToday)
  • Many people engage in swinging for sexual variety or meeting personal fantasies (PsyToday)

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