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Swingerhungary.com is about to launch its summer wellness weekend for 2018. This time, the joy corporation is offering a 4 day long, pleasure-packed program for beginners or first timers.

Watch out for Hungary, as a new potential destination on the swinger map! Swingerhungary.com will soon lauch its new, intimate events for both professionals and first timers. Their next event is from 23 to 26 August, 2018 – on sale soon with a 20 % discount!

SwingerHungary.com is the first and number one libertine tourism website in Hungary for free thinkers and hedonists. We offer sensual thrills combined with luxury pleasure-packed programs for travelers from all over the world between 18 (or 21) and 75. Our 3-4 day long all-inclusive wellness weekends are boosted by adult-themed party house nights and erotic shows.

  • New destination (Hungarian countryside)
  • A truly fulfilling erotic escape
  • Intimate events (first timers are welcome)
  • Carefully selected, hot couples
  • 3 couples in 1 apartment house
  • 5 star hotel (all inclusive)
  • 4 program-oriented, pleasure-packed days
  • Sexy Theme nights
  • Erotic live shows

It’s worth trying for sure!

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