The secrets of our broader, more vibrant sensations revealed that the vibrators are the most, by far, favorite sex toys ever created.

But have you ever wondered how the vibrations really interact with your body?

The question…Why don’t all vibrators feel the same? Why with some vibrators we sometimes feel numb? Or what difference can the vibrator design bring?

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1- Because all vibrators are NOT created equal

Except for the obvious and visible parameters: shapes, colors, material, etc. vibrators have hidden gems that create a unique vibration: their motors.

All motors are not equal regarding performance, and they are compared very often regarding speed when this isn’t a beneficial comparison.

Among many characteristics, the frequency of a motor is a determinant factor in creating the most stimulating vibrations. The lower the vibration, the richer is the sensation.

2- The best vibrations AREN’T the strongest!

We know that choosing a good vibrator can be a hard process.

And it is because one of the misleading parameters is the power of the vibration. Way too many many vibrators engage in a battle of speed (expressed in rpm) while the most critical parameter is the displacement created by the waves provoked in the body.vibrators war

In fact, strength-speed isn’t as important as how deep the vibrations spread through your whole body. When a high vibration is superficial, it creates either numbness or an irritating sensation.

Deep and yet strong vibrations spread into different nerve levels and create a vibrant, rich and distinctive sensation.

3- The body has specific nerve endings for vibrations

The female body, in general, has very specialized nerves receptors to different sensations: either pressure, temperature, movement, and vibrations are amongst them.

The genital areas, and the clitoris, in particular, have a variety of specialized mechanoreceptors.

The Pacinian corpuscle and the Meissner corpuscle are specialized in the detection of vibrations and are located in various depths underneath the skin or the mucous.

A deeper vibration helps to stimulate a wide variety of nerves receptors and creates way more vibrant sensations. On the other hand, a more superficial vibration must of the time, over-stimulates the same nerve complex and leads inevitably to numbness or an irritating feeling and sensation.

4- 90% of the clitoris’ nerve endings are internal

The clitoris is a like a treasure box, and its most secret gems are buried deep in the body, and we need to discover it. For us to reach most of its nerves (90% of 8000), the vibration should rather be deep than shallow thanks to low-frequency vibrations rather than high-frequency ones.

Have been proved, that a superficial stimulation of the clitoris may lead to quick and “very poor” orgasms while a deeper stimulation will definitely provide way much pleasure that might resonate inside the whole body.

But, How do I recognize low-frequency vibrations? A quick test consists in putting the vibrator in the palm of your hand and using the lowest speed; your fingers should be able to transfer the vibrations.

5- Stimulating the G-Spot requires both vibrations and pressure

Many women report that for them, vibrations aren’t a must when it comes to stimulating the G-Spot. That is why many women this day, usually combine a curved dildo and a clitoral stimulator.g-spot nerves

They also report that the vibrations during internal stimulation aren’t felt as much as during the external stimulus.

Well, the truth is, again, all vibrations are not created equal!

Low-frequency vibrations produce a more significant pleasure in the body and transfer through the thick tissues of mucous and muscles to reach the buried nerve complex that constitutes the G-Spot.

As in the clitoris, the anterior wall of the vagina is unnerved with the same mechanoreceptors; they’re just surrounded by a variety of dense tissues. To stimulate them, the perfect combination: is controlled pressure and deeper richer vibrations for both the G-Spot and the clitoris.

6-High frequency vibrations can lead to an “escalation of force.”

One of the most frequent complaints made about vibrators is that they cease to produce their positive effects after a while. And Indeed, high-frequency vibrations associated with high speeds over-stimulate the same nerves and tend to produce a numbing sensation.

The most common solution to eliminate this is choosing a more powerful vibrator…WRONG! So, you start buying a very compact discreet vibrator, and you end up using a giant massage wand with an AC plug.

And truly, there is no need to enter this escalation of force!

You should just pay attention to the quality of the vibrations. Remember, low-frequency ones won’t give you that numbing sensation, so you would never have to replace them with stronger vibrators. They produce a more in-depth and richer stimulation by spreading into the whole body. So, make sure you always choose quality over quantity of RPMs!

7-Vibrations are as different as the fingers in our hands.

Vibrators are all different, with many different characteristics and results, depending on your body. They are just as numerous and diverse, yet very few of them have outstanding performance.

“Just like there are a lot of violins, they are not all Stradivari!”

This analogy applies to all vibrators. There isn’t just the look or the power provided by the motor that matters, the intensity of the vibrations relies on way too many different parameters: shape, materials, type of motors, the location of the motors, the frequency, the amplitude, the density of the materials, etc.

Every little detail will make a huge difference at the end.

So, next time your shopping for that perfect vibrator, remember that not always the size matter! Read the original article here.

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